KF Precision Honing Capabilities

Nearly 40 Years of High-Quality Honing Experience

For nearly 40 years, KF Honing has been producing high quality parts, on time, and at an economical price. With state-of-the-art equipment, skilled staff, and expansive capabilities, KF Honing tackles even the most challenging honing projects. We do all the hard stuff, in almost any configuration. Parts can be honed from almost any material including plastics, graphite, stainless, wood, and alloy metals, including exotic alloys like Hastelloy and Inconel. We hone materials from .040″ to 7.3″ in diameter and up to 36″ in length, depending on diameter. Plus, we hold tolerances of .0001″ straightness, .000050″ roundness and surface finishes down to a 2 Ra. With these capabilities, KF Honing serves a wide variety of industries, including power generation and defense. All of our masters are traceable to National Standards (N.I.S.T.). Plus, KF Honing follows ISO standards for calibration.

Honing Inspection

KF Honing inspect all parts upon receipt, before and during the honing process, and immediately before shipping. Our rigorous inspection process is designed to assure the consistent quality that our customers have come to expect. Any anomalies in the parts, whether in the bore being honed or in other areas on the part, are documented during this process and returned to the customer properly noted and tagged. This is an added benefit for sending your parts to KF Honing. 

KF Honing Gaging 

KF Honing’s gaging includes:

  • Federal Dimensionair 2500 and 5000 Air Gage
  • Shefield Air Gaging
  • Edmunds Accu-Touch
  • Sunnen 3-Point Gage Systems .090 to 3.000″ for through and blind holes
  • Sunnen, Federal, Mitutoyo and Diatest dial bore gages
  • Mitutoyo Surface Roughness Tester Ra, Rz, Rq
  • Hexagon CMM

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